1 Introduction

The Cycling Infrastructure Prioritisation Toolkit (CyIPT) is a research project based at the University of Leeds and funded by the Department for Transport (DfT). The purpose of CyIPT is to develop methods and tools to assist in the design and planning of new cycling infrastructure. CyIPT is currently (as of March 2018) a working prototype. Therefore, any recommendations produced by CyIPT should be subjected to independent assessment before making investment decisions.


CyIPT is a publicly accessible research project based on open source software, the results of which are available in an online map-based tool at www.cyipt.bike (currently password protected).

The code underlying CyIPT is hosted on GitHub, a platform for software development and collaboration that also provides and excellent forum for discussing issues and providing feedback as follows:

Hosting the code on GitHub also enables community contributions. If you find any issues on this user manual, for example, suggested changes to the source code are welcome here, which requires a GitHub username from github.com.

Alternatively we welcome your feedback at info@cyipt.bike.

The CyIPT Team

  • Dr Robin Lovelace, University of Leeds
  • Dr Malcolm Morgan, University of Leeds
  • Prof John Parkin, University of the West of England
  • Martin Lucas-Smith, CycleStreets.net