1 Project overview

Timeframe of the project and date of the report:

  • The project ran from March 2017 until March 2018

Locations (country, region, etc.) of the project:

  • Leeds, West Yorkshire UK (University of Leeds)
  • Cambridge (CycleStreets.net)
  • Bristol (University of West of England)

Names and/or organisations of project team:

  • Dr Robin Lovelace, University of Leeds
  • Dr Malcolm Morgan, University of Leeds
  • Prof John Parkin, University of the West of England
  • Martin Lucas-Smith, CycleStreets.net

Table of contents which also lists Tables, Graphs, Figures and Annexes:

For ToC see front page. List of Figures:

1.5. List of acronyms

  • API: Application programming interface
  • BCR: Benefit-cost ratio
  • CyIPT: Cycling Infrastructure Prioritisation Toolkit
  • DfT: Department for Transport
  • GDS: Government Digital Services
  • GIS: Geographic information system
  • ICF: Innovation Challenge Fund
  • OSM: OpenStreetMap